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Using social media to market your business

In a world that revolves around technology we all know the importance of keeping up with the trends and staying in touch with consumers. But is there any point in using socials if you’re not using them to your advantage and reaping the benefits?

Here’s our guide to maximising your social exposure.

1. Know your voice, one of the biggest positives of having a social media presence is the ability to give your brand a voice, talk to your market and connect with them. It allows you to convey your brand messaging and values and build a unique rapport with customers.

2. Know your platforms. For Instagram keep it short, sharp and visual. For Facebook you can elaborate, ask questions and engage with consumers in your comments. LinkedIn is for educational content. Avoid the urge to sell, period.

3. Content is key. You need to come up with a wide range of content – although it’s tempting to talk about your products and offering constantly, you need to be smart about it. Resist the urge to sell, this is what ads are for! Create interesting content that is engaging, it will pay off in the long run.

4. Use photos and videos. The aim of social media is to capture consumers attention and to lure them in to reading more about you. Videos and photos are 65% more effective at engaging consumers, try to keep it original but don’t be afraid to repost too.

5. Analyse data. Social media offers free engagement statistics, you can analyse what your consumers like, what type of posts they engage with and your average reach. Look into the demographic that you are targeting. Use it! Use the data to tweak your social media presence, the more you evolve the better you’ll be.

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