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MODDi the name, is formed from the words Modern Discovery, because we believe its hard to find a company that is prides itself on uncovering all the potential ideas, making them come to life and working at light speed to make it happen.


That's why we formed our company, so come join us and discover what's next.

We adore technology. We love the fun and convenience it brings us, and its potential to improve quality of life. We are where we want to be: on the cutting edge, seeking out pioneering brands that excite us. This is what we live for. We want to be part of your journey. Whether you are a start-up or an established player, we can help you evolve.

We really listen to our clients. We start with a blank canvass and an open mind. We understand that the leading expert on what your brand stands for and where you’re headed will always be you. We can distil your vision into a compelling narrative that wins over the public. But we can provide more than brand marketing spin. We do it all here, the nitty gritty of building a brand from the ground up. We have mastered the end-to-end process so you don’t have to.

Competition breeds excellence. The technology sector is a battlefield teeming with savvy, switched-on competitors. We thrive on challenge. We think laterally, not vertically. If a problem looks insurmountable, we will change our perspective and approach until we arrive at an inspired solution. We will find a way to ignite your brand.

The APAC market is our stomping ground and we can offer global reach with our strategic partners in Europe and North America. We have an intuitive understanding of consumers and we know your competitors inside out. We are an experienced guide you can bank on to deliver competitive advantage.

It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know. Allow us to put our peerless network of trusted partners, local and global, to work on your behalf. Between our expertise and our relationships, we have your needs covered. Whatever the brief, we can fulfil it. We have the knowhow.

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