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How to be productive in the office

We all know how easy it is to get distracted, particularly when you have a mountain of work to do. So we’ve summed up our top tips from our office pro’s to master your workload and avoid last minute stress.

- Always have an agenda for meetings, for the day and most importantly prioritise in order of importance.

- Brainstorm big campaigns and issues together – a problem shared is a problem halved as they say.

- Have regular breaks (particularly from the computer) and stretch your legs. Changing your environment stimulates your brain and when your brain encounters something new it even releases dopamine, the feel-good drug that makes you happy!

- Coffee – but not too much… somewhere in between shakin’ stevens and the mild jitters will suffice. Caffeine keeps us alert which can improve concentration, but too much can send you the other way.

- Time chunking – switch between repetitive monotonous task and those that engage your brain a bit more – use your calendar so you have a reminder of when to jump to a different task.

- Power Hour – work on one set project for an hour solidly with no distractions. It will surprise you how much you can get done if you have one soul focus whilst ensuring you don’t spend too much time on one task/ procrastinate for hours – we’ve all been there.

- Organise your emails with folders and set small realistic targets/ achievements throughout the day. Ticking or crossing items off a list is incredibly satisfying.

- Don’t be too optimistic – a heavy workload can be daunting, make you feel less motivated and if you don’t achieve it, leave you with feelings of failure – small wins should be the key focus!

- Drink up – hydration is key to keeping you and your brain healthy and active– fill up a bottle so you don’t have to interrupt your day, smaller sips ensure optimum hydration.

- Keep it professional – deal with personal calls/ business in your own time or on your break.

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