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The key to becoming a successful eCommerce site

- Keep up with emerging consumer trends and reflect these in your offer. Get good at visually communicating with your customers - videos and pictures are a good place to start.

- Use product descriptions to give character to your products, put yourself in the consumers shoes and resonate with them, if they can picture themselves using your product, they’ll buy it.

- Tell an appealing story with your about page, so many brands offer similar products, it’s important to establish a unique brand voice. Tell your story, build a likeable brand. This will lead to confident consumers and ultimately loyal consumers.

- Avoid selling on your homepage, your homepage should showcase your brand and what it has to offer, it should leave consumers hungry to find out more, arguably it’s the most important page on the site.

- The best eCommerce sites create an online experience – online shopping should be more than just clicking buy and paying at the checkout. Creating a good customer experience is creating a space where consumers can take their time, peruse, this also leads to multiple buys instead of sole selections!

- Regularly introduce new products, an experience is about being able to keep returning and finding new products when you do. Building a loyal custom also means being innovative, staying up with the latest trends and staying ahead of competition – all of which encourage regular new products.

- Use socials! They are such an important part of effective eCommerce practice. Creating a space to showcase products and encourage user interaction is an invaluable selling tool that eCommerce sites should take seriously.

- Leverage user-generated content (customer reviews) to help sell products. Reviews are an important part of a buying cycle, and with so many comparable brands this could catapult yours above the rest. Real talk produces real results.

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